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Hi my name is Angel, you can use he/they pronouns with me, nice to meet you!


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Welcome to my corner on the web!

I am very happy that you have found AngelCity, this place is a compilation of my interests, thoughts and opinions, used in my free time to expand my creativity, coding knowledge and have fun. I tried to set this site in the early 2000's and bring that nostalgia, hope you feel that when you browse here. Please leave something in the chatbox and enjoy my site!

  • Site was made in google chrome with a 1920 x 1080 pc resolution, so it might look bad in other desktops.
  • Still a work in progress! lots of things are unfinished. I try to being active, little by little I will be completing this site, so wait for it!

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Made a mini site for me take a look (^_^)/
Added a stars cursor effect

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