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Hi There !

This is Mariland! my corner of the internet and where I go in my spare time (which isn't much because school is killing me slowly XD) feel free to explore it. Leave a comment in the chat box if you were here!!

NOTE 1: this site was made in google chrome with a 1920 x 1080 pc resolution, so it might look bad on other desktops

NOTE 2: still a work in progress! lots of things are unfinished!

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Why Mariland? I called this site mariland for the anime onegai my melody and I thought it would be cute

What does ginder mean in my neocities? It doesn't mean anything, I just invented something thinking that I could change it later and since it can't, it stayed that way...


I got a lot of inspiration from sugarangel, nyaa and purinland (their sites are very cute thanks) I got some resources from those sites, tumblr, pinterest and others are mine

Angel 16 he/they

entp 9w1 +

Current feeling: estoy muy cansado

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Let me know if you put my button in your site, them I will put your too!

My bf birthday in

I put more things about my life in my journal, check it out if you want!


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2023年5月7日 : cree el layout actual de la pagina, decidi hacerlo mayormente de bandori porque he estado muy pegado al juego y se volvio uno de mis favoritos :3


2023年4月30日 : paso bastante tiempo desde que actualice mi pagina, la escuela no me deja tiempo libre, pero volvi e hice un diario que hace mucho lo queria hacer :D


2023年2月16日 : el sitio comezo a llamarse mariland e hice un layout de madoka (uno de mis favoritos)


2023年2月1日 : empece a interesarme mas en el html y cree el tercer layout de esta pagina (actualmente escondido) y que de verdad me gusto asique este es el punto de partida por asi decirlo ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ

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