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Hi, I'm Angel! and you have found my corner on the web, this place is a compilation of my interests, thoughts and opinions. Used in my free time to expand my creativity, coding knowledge and have fun. Leave something in the chatbox to know you were here!

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  • Basic information: This site was made in google chrome with a 1920x1080 pc resolution, it may look different on other desktops.
  • What was the inspiration for this place? I love the old web and the japanese graphics, so I wanted to have my own site with that vibe! I was also inspired by sites here that I really liked, some are philia995, prismatic and sweetvalentines. So I spent many days looking for resources, inspo and making many attempts until something I liked came out, and it's here. I'm very proud of my work :3
  • How do you learn coding? I learned some things by my own playing with the tags and discovering what they are for, but there were some things I didn't understand (and there are still many) and w3schools helped me a lot specially with this page that explains every tag and funtion very well, if you're new here that could help you

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the webmaster is finally done, I am very happy with the result (^_^)/
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